Frequently Asked Questions

How is Booker EMS Funded?

Booker EMS has three primary revenue streams.

The first, and largest, is tax dollars collected by the Booker Hospital District (BHD). Each year, BHD budgets a portion of those tax dollars to the EMS service in order to ensure that the residents of the Booker Hospital District have the highest quality Emergency Medical Service available to them, 24/7/365.

The second is revenue generated from operations. We bill for EMS transports we perform in order to decrease the amount of funding we need from local taxpayers. We accept Medicare, Medicaid and Private Insurances and our administration and our billing service work very hard to make sure that we recieve all of the operational revenue we are entitled to.

The third funding source is through grants. Over the years we have received a number of Federal, State, and local grants, most of which were matched with local dollars to purchase large capital items.

How is Booker EMS Staffed?

Booker Hospital District currently contracts with Innovative Solutions Management from Booker to provide EMS Management and Staffing. This contract requires ISM to provide staffing for two ambulances, each with a critical care trained paramedic and an additional paramedic or EMT. Also, one of the four staff members must be trained and credentialed to handle the technical rescue capcities that Booker EMS provides.

I've recieved a bill from Booker EMS. Who can I contact to discuss it?

Booker EMS contracts with Emergicon to provide our EMS billing services. Please click on the link to go to their website to contact them about your invoice. If you are unsatisfied with Emergicon’s response, you can contact the EMS Director via email: